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Faculty & Staff Directory

Search by Name or Location. If the last name you're searching for is spelled with a apostrophe, (like O'Brien or O'Neil) please don't include the apostrophe in the search. You can also select a letter (above) to view individuals whose last name begins with the letter. 

Faculty & Staff Directory
Last Name  First Name Title Location Phone Email 
Aaron  Justin  Faculty  Napa High School  253-3711  
Abbott  George  Faculty  Napa Valley Adult School  253-3594  
Abernathy  Melissa  Staff  American Canyon Middle School  259-8592  
Abeyta  Stacey  Faculty  Bel Aire Park Elementary School  253-3775  
Aboudara-Robertson  Laurie  Faculty  Redwood Middle School  253-3415  
Abraham  Erin  Faculty  Pueblo Vista Elementary School  253-3491  
Aceves  Patricia  Faculty  McPherson Elementary School  253-3488  
Adams  Mark  Faculty  Northwood Elementary School  253-3471  
Adams  Martha  Faculty  West Park Elementary School  253-3516  
Aguayo  Arturo  Head Custodian  Salvador Elementary School  253-3476  
Aguayo  Lidia  Custodian  Vintage High School  253-3601  
Aguayo  Maria Del  Custodian  American Canyon Middle School  259-8592  
Aguiar  Gloria  Custodian  Alta Heights Elementary School  253-3671  
Aguiar  Jeffrey  Custodian  Napa High School  253-3711  
Aguilar  Azalea  Faculty  Vintage High School  253-3601  
Aguilar  Maria  Staff  Napa Valley Language Academy  253-3678  
Aguilera  Bertha  Staff  Vintage High School  253-3601  
Aguilera  Reyna  Custodian  Napa High School  253-3711  
Akiu  Celeste  Assistant Principal  River School  253-6813  
Albertazzi  Jeffrey  Faculty  American Canyon Middle School  259-8592  
Albertazzi  Rebecca  Faculty  Canyon Oaks Elementary  707-265-2363  
Alcayaga  Leanna    Bel Aire Park Elementary School  253-3775  
Aldaco  Gilbert  Head Custodian  El Centro Elementary  253-3771  
Aldaco  Martin  Staff  Maintenance & Operations  253-3538  
Allen  Gail  Instructional Assistant  Vintage High School  253-3601  
Almanza  Aristeo  Custodian  Vintage High School  253-3601  
Almanza  Maria  Custodian  Napa High School  253-3601  
Altamura  Linda  Account Clerk  Ed Center/Fiscal Operations  253-3561  
Alvarez  Laura  Staff  Vintage High School  253-3601  
Alves  Jose  Custodian  Vintage High School  253-3601  
Amezcua  Venecia  Instructional Assistant  Harvest Middle School  259-8866  
Ammons  Jamie  Staff  Transportation  253-3556  
Amundson  Erica  Faculty  River School  253-6813  
Ancheta-Crager  Cerissa  Faculty  Carneros Elementary  253-3466  
Andersen  Jennie  Faculty  Canyon Oaks Elementary  707-265-2363  
Anderson  Robert  Faculty  West Park Elementary School  253-3516  
Anderson  Cheryl  Staff  Food Service  253-3541  
Anderson  Sharon  Dean of Students  Vintage High School  253-3601  
Anderson  Richard  Faculty  Vintage High School  253-3601  
Anderson  Sharon  Faculty  Vintage High School  253-3601  
Anderson  Steven  Computer Support Technician  Technology  707-253-3829  
Anderson  Beverly  Faculty  Napa Junction Elementary School  253-3461  
Andrews  Donna    Alta Heights Elementary School  253-3671  
Andrilla  Ana  Special Education Manager  Silverado Middle School  253-3662  
Androlowicz  Sophia  Faculty  Vintage High School  253-3601  
Ann  Spersky  Librarian  Vintage High School  253-3601  
Ansley  Christine  Staff  River School  253-6813  
Anton  Sharon  Instructional Assistant  American Canyon Middle School  259-8592  
Applegate  Sherry  Even Start   Napa Valley Language Academy  253-3678  
Arago  Catherine  Staff  Redwood Middle School  253-3415  
Aranda  Claudia  Instructional Assistant  Irene M. Snow Elementary School  253-3666  
Arias  Carmen  Instructional Assistant  Napa Valley Adult School  253-3594  
Armstrong  Brooke  Faculty  Harvest Middle School  259-8866  
Arostegui  Ana  Staff  Transportation  253-3556  
Asano  Terri  Faculty  Salvador Elementary School  253-3476  
Asaro  Patricia  Faculty  Redwood Middle School  253-3415  
Ashburn  Roxann  Account Clerk III  ED Center/Payroll  253-3551  
Ashby  Susan  Faculty  Alta Heights Elementary School  253-3671  
Audrey-Quinn  Catherine    Ed Center/Special Education  253-6865  
Augustine  Joann  Faculty  Vintage High School  253-3601  
Augusto  Rosendo  Custodian  Phillips-Edison Charter School  253-3481  
Auld  Christopher  Faculty  Vintage High School  253-2601  
Avalos-Gonzalez  Lucia  Faculty  Redwood Middle School  253-3415  
Avina  Reynaldo  Custodian  Silverado Middle School  253-3658  
Ayala  Imelda  Staff  Vintage High School  253-3601  
Ayala  Carmen  Instructional Assistant  Napa Valley Language Academy  253-3678  
Ayers  Mary  Staff  New Technology High School  259-8557  
Azevedo  Brodie  Faculty  Napa High School  253-3711  

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